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Adapting Asset Management Strategies in Post-Covid Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped businesses worldwide, including in Africa. As the continent navigates its way towards a post-pandemic era, businesses must adapt their asset management strategies to the new normal. Business Bureau Africa is at the forefront of this transition, empowering African businesses by streamlining asset registration, ownership verification, portfolio tracking, loss reporting, and asset trading.

Shift to Digital Asset Management

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital solutions. Many African businesses have embraced digital asset management tools to facilitate remote work. Tools for portfolio tracking and asset trading have seen significant advancements, enabling real-time updates, robust analytics, and increased efficiency.

Resilience in Portfolio Composition

Post-Covid asset management strategies must focus on resilience. Diversifying portfolios to include a mix of asset classes – from traditional assets like real estate and stocks to emerging assets like cryptocurrencies and digital assets – can help businesses weather future market shocks.

Strengthened Compliance and Reporting

In the post-Covid era, regulators are emphasizing transparency and compliance. African businesses must strengthen their ownership verification and loss reporting practices. Compliance will not only reduce legal risks but also build trust with stakeholders.

Investment in Sustainable Assets

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of sustainability. Many African businesses are investing in ‘green’ or sustainable assets that offer long-term returns and align with global sustainability goals.

Agile Asset Management

In a rapidly changing business environment, agility is key. Post-Covid asset management strategies should be flexible, allowing businesses to swiftly adapt to market changes. Scenario planning and regular portfolio reviews are crucial in this regard.

How to adapt asset management strategies in post-Covid Africa:

  • Re-evaluate asset allocation: In light of the increased uncertainty, asset managers need to re-evaluate their asset allocation strategies. This may involve increasing their allocation to cash and other liquid assets, or reducing their exposure to risky assets.
  • Develop contingency plans: Asset managers need to develop contingency plans in case of future disruptions. This may involve having a plan for how to source parts and materials if supply chains are disrupted, or how to deal with a decline in demand.
  • Focus on digital transformation: Digital transformation can help asset managers to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. This may involve using digital tools to track assets, manage inventory, and make investment decisions.


Adapting asset management strategies for the post-Covid era is essential for African businesses. The focus should be on digital transformation, portfolio resilience, strengthened compliance, sustainability, and agility. Business Bureau Africa stands ready to support businesses in this transition, with comprehensive services in asset registration, ownership verification, portfolio tracking, loss reporting, and asset trading.


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